I always have been fascinated by photography.
But with the introduction of the digital camera it all became too easy, too predictable …to me.
So I forced myself to go back to the roots of real analog photography.
Not just by making the photograph itself, but by controlling the entire photographic process.

This brought me back to the middle of the 19th century, to the amazing Collodion wet plate process.
And every single day I feel challenged to refine and improve myself.

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Alex Timmermans

"You don't take a picture, it's given to you"

woensdag 15 mei 2013

Redmond O'Hanlon

Today a long cherished wish is fulfilled.
I had the honor to take some wet plates of Redmond O'Hanlon.
Redmond is a Britisch writer and scholar.
More info about Redmond O'Hanlon can be found at : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redmond_O'Hanlon
A few weeks ago I met Erik Hijweege and his partner Shyrien in my studio.
Erik is a talented Dutch photographer and turned out to be a personal friend of Redmond.
I told him about my "wish list" and he promised me to arrange a shooting with Redmond.

Last week I got a phonecall from Erik and we arranged a meeting
So today we went to Erik's studio with a fully loaded station wagon.
Sometimes a really think I must be crazy to do all this work for just a few plates.
But meeting Redmond really made day. What an extremely friendly and gently man he is!
We spend a few hours together and made some nice plates. Redmond just loves photography.
So Erik, thank you again! and Shyrien, thank you for the wonderful lunch we all had together.
The digital pictures were made by my friend Ferry v/d Vliet

26x26cm black glass ambrotype
exposure time 2 seconds
Hermagis 300mm 4.5 Petzval

26x26cm black glass ambrotype
exposure time 6 seconds
Hermagis 300mm 4.5 Petzval

8 opmerkingen:

  1. These pictures are stunning! Especially the first one is so well composed and developped! Congratulations!

  2. Really great, Alex. One of the things I love about photography is how it can open doors. You get to meet fascinating people. O'Hanlon is one of my favorite authors.

  3. Wat een fantastische foto's weer zeg. En wat een prachtige karakteristieke "kop" (oneerbiedig gezegd). Je hebt er weer een fantastische foto van gemaakt!
    Groetjes Anne-Marie

  4. wat een mooie globe heb je daarvoor gebruikt Alex !

  5. Ik ken de goeie man helemaal niet....maar hij is betoverend gefotografeerd Alex!

  6. Amazing! I really hope I get to dive into Collodion photography someday. It is a dream of mine!
    Keep up the great work :).

  7. How lovely, such beautiful pictures of a special and kind human being.