I always have been fascinated by photography.
But with the introduction of the digital camera it all became too easy, too predictable …to me.
So I forced myself to go back to the roots of real analog photography.
Not just by making the photograph itself, but by controlling the entire photographic process.

This brought me back to the middle of the 19th century, to the amazing Collodion wet plate process.
And every single day I feel challenged to refine and improve myself.

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Alex Timmermans

"You don't take a picture, it's given to you"

maandag 7 november 2011

Wet platers from Italy

A few months ago Filippo and Guiseppe contacted me for more information about the wet plate process. So we exchanged some e-mails and we settled for the date.
But just about one week before "D-day" i got an e-mail from Guiseppe. '
He had a serious injury at his foot and needed a surgery.....
BUT, he had asked his surgeon if it was ok to go to Holland by plane which was confirmed positive.
So with the help of a wheel chair and large elevator they got him into the plane!
Flying was very cheap, only 30 euro for a return ticket at Easyjet !!
I arranged them a nice bed and breakfast nearby my home and on Saturday at exact 09:00 they were standing on my doorstep.  

Flowing there first plates just went great. They hardly spoiled any collodion.
As usual, the fixing stage is the most interesting part.
I have heard this so many times : WOOOOOW !!!!
We made some really nice plates together on clear and black glass.

On Saturday night we had a nice dinner in Eindhoven and on Sunday morning they collected their plates and Guisppe took his "new" Darlot lens back home.
I just wonder if they have ever seen wet plates passing the x-ray scanner at the airport........
Guiseppe and Filippo, thanks for joining me and you interest for this beautiful process.

As i can't get it working on my ipad :

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  1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  2. Hello Alex, I am honored to be your student last Saturday. I finally realized a dream, I took a photo with the wet collodion. It was an unforgettable experience and I hope to make great new plates with your valuable information. Thank you again for your availability, your kindness and for the wonderful dinner we spent together.


  3. Watching the collodion picture "come to life" in the fixer is pure magic. And the whole process of pouring the collodion, composing, taking the picture, develop the plate and then varnish it makes you both artisan and artist at the same time.
    Alex is a perfect teacher and him and his wife are wonderful hosts, we had a great time together. We're waiting for you in Italy!