I always have been fascinated by photography.
But with the introduction of the digital camera it all became too easy, too predictable …to me.
So I forced myself to go back to the roots of real analog photography.
Not just by making the photograph itself, but by controlling the entire photographic process.

This brought me back to the middle of the 19th century, to the amazing Collodion wet plate process.
And every single day I feel challenged to refine and improve myself.

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Alex Timmermans

"You don't take a picture, it's given to you"

zaterdag 7 september 2013

Ultimate pleasure.......

After some weeks of silence we finally had time to make the plate which was in my mind for months already. It's like making a puzzle. I start collecting the things I want to use and when all pieces are in the right position I am able to make it.
Just call it a "mind mood board".

Unfortunately there are always things which goes wrong during the very last minute.
I wanted the chandelier which I bought months ago working. 
But after plugging it in only two bulbs were working.... All the other 13 were broken.
So we hurried to a local shop, bought 16( one spare) new bulbs and we managed to got it working.
Second problem. The spot we located in the garden for the shoot was about 150 meters from the house.... no power at the location. We used 6 long cable reels to solve that "little" problem.
So later than I expected I was able to make my first plate. I can tell you that one was spot on.
Perfect exposure, clean plate, the pose was perfect, the light was superb.
But..... we were so enthusiastic that we forgot to remove the two buckets which
we have been using to fill the bath tub.
So  in the picture there were two nice white buckets next to the bath.    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!

The new plate came out just great. .
Unfortunately after a few hours it started raining.
Why does this always happens during a shoot?
It hasn't been raining for more than 2 weeks!!
But again, despite all little problems we had a fantastic shoot.
Many thanks to Shaunah ( the female model) for beings so patient, Ferry ( my friend, assistant and also model) and Bas Bakermans for hosting his garden again ( beautiful place!!)
26x26 ambrotype on aluminium
Dallmeyer 5a 22"at f 5.6
Exposure time 4 seconds


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